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9 Culture Green Flags

Over the last year, the discussions on workplace culture have popularised massively, which deeply excites me because it is something I’m so passionate about.

Whether you’ve come from my worst boss series on TikTok, or my company culture cheat sheets on LinkedIn, it’s probably quite clear how important the topic is to me.

One question I’ve found that has come up a lot for me is “How do I know my workplace has a strong culture?” Or “How do I know the new company I have applied for has a culture for me?”

Well, after reflecting on all the companies I have seen with incredible workplace cultures and sharing conversations with business leaders in my network, I’ve compiled a list of my top 9 company culture green flags. If you’re company has these, it’s a very high chance they have a brilliant culture.

  1. Performance Driven - Employees are encouraged to see failure as an opportunity to learn.

  2. Clear Vision - Everyone is aligned on the same mission.

  3. Embraces Failure - “Family” culture is toxic. The best culture is driven by performance.

  4. Values Your Time - Will not overkill you with pointless meetings.

  5. Shows Empathy - Treats everyone with respect & empathy no matter what.

  6. Adapts to Change - Embraces change and can adapt to it fast.

  7. Open Communication - Communication is 2 ways and clear across the levels of hierarchy.

  8. Corrects Bad Behaviour - Bad behaviour is not tolerated and if it occurs it will be corrected fast.

  9. Empowers Hard Work - Hard work is consistently rewarded. Encourages the team to go the extra mile.

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