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Invite Laurence Kozera to speak at your next event and gain insights on how to build trust and foster collaboration within your engineering teams and partner ecosystems. With over a decade of experience, including a background in languages and a tenure as a former employee of Google, Laurence has a unique ability to navigate communication nuances, streamlining the solution-building process. Her expertise in psychological safety will help your organization to excel in working with ambitious and impactful ideas driven by diverse stakeholders.


To learn more about Laurence, please visit "About Us" or LinkedIn.

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Public speaking can be a powerful tool for fostering human relationships at work and promoting a more positive work culture. By effectively communicating ideas and messages, public speaking can help to build understanding and empathy among team members, leading to increased collaboration and cooperation.

Additionally, public speaking can be used to promote inclusivity and diversity, by giving a voice to underrepresented groups and encouraging active listening and understanding.

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