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Our signature joint Workshop

Introducing "The Why & How of Open Conversations at Work" workshop—a transformative experience for cultivating an open and inclusive environment. Gain insights and practical strategies to foster open dialogue, collaboration, and innovation. Bring your curiosity and eagerness to create positive change. Explore the significance of open conversations and their impact on trust and employee engagement. Join us to transform your workplace today!


It is never too late to acknowledge and address underlying issues, even if they have been ignored or hidden for some time. I am here to offer my assistance in uncovering these concerns and collaboratively working towards effective solutions.


With my background as a Psychological Safety consultant and interpreter, I can facilitate respectful and gentle dialogue among all involved parties. Additionally, my solid Product Partnerships experience in the corporate world allows me to understand and navigate the various business constraints that may arise.


If the suggested formats do not align with your needs, please don't hesitate to request a customized approach. I firmly believe in challenging the notion of impossibility and approaching obstacles with a determined mindset.


Psychological Safety: What is it and why does it matter?

TALK - A Summary of Key Research and Practical Applications from Experts such as Amy Edmonson, Marshall B. Rosenberg, and Adam Grant

Psychological Safety: What makes us feel safe?

EXERCISE - Build Stronger Team Connections through Vulnerability and Openness. A Practical Exercise Focusing on Enhancing Interpersonal Relationships.

Creating a Feedback-Focused Culture: Strategies for Delivering Timely and Constructive Feedback

EXERCISE - ​Maximize Team Success through Effective Feedback. Master the Art of Giving and Receiving Peer Feedback.


EXERCISE - ​Explore the Importance of Regular and Tailored Recognition for Team Success. Understand Individual Preference and Practice Giving and Receiving Appreciation.

Interpersonal Communication

EXERCISE - ​Deeper Understanding of Colleagues: Discover the Unwritten Rules of Communication through Self-Generated portraits (aka User Manual).

Tailored Workshop

Get in touch to discuss your needs and goals. I will be happy to co-create the best format for you. ​

No time to formulate a request? Leave your contact here and we'll get in touch :)

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