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Our dual expertise in Psychological Safety and Business Strategy is your ally in bringing to light and resolving issues that have lingered in the shadows too long.

We merge the art of meaningful dialogue with an insightful grasp of the complex business landscape. This blend empowers us to design bespoke solutions that not only streamline efficiency but also guarantee every voice is acknowledged and every challenge met. Through this approach, we guide teams to sustain high performance.

Project Aristotle at Google serves as our starting point for enhancing success and joy in the workplace. By analyzing over 180 teams, it pinpointed psychological safety as the foremost factor for team success, alongside dependability, clarity, meaningful work, and impact. This research underscores the importance of fostering strong team dynamics and soft skills over individual expertise, guiding my approach to creating more effective and fulfilling work environments.

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To get started

Team: Unleash your full potential

1:1 Trusted Leader Programme

What you get

  • Increased Psychological Safety which:

    • Fosters Innovation: Encourages creative risk-taking and idea sharing.

    • Increases Engagement: Builds confidence and commitment in team goals.

    • Promotes Learning: Enables open feedback and growth from challenges.

What we do

  • Preparation:

    • 1:1 prep meeting with the leader: 45-60 mins

  • Collection: ​

  • Action:​

    • 1 team conversation, incl. Retro focused on Team Culture: 3 hours

    • 1 recap w/ action plan, incl. training plan

    • 1:1 debrief meeting with the leader: 45-60 mins

    • 1 check-in after 4 weeks

    • (optional) Second survey 3 months later with 1:1 debrief

What we need from you 

  • Open mindset

  • Come fully engaged

  • 5h attendance time for the leader, incl. 3h with the team

Duration: 1-2 weeks

Capacity: 8-10 participants

What you get

  • Feedback and practice in real-life situations

  • Higher quality interactions with your team to unlock yours and their potential


What we do

  • Preparation:

    • 1:1 intro meeting: 60 mins

  • Collection:

    • 1 feedback survey 6-8 participants (via form or interviews, consolidated and anonymised). 

    • 3 shadowing meetings (2 x 1:1s + 1 team meeting)

  • Action:

    • 1 360° report w/ action plan, incl. training plan

    • 3 consultation meetings at week 2,4,6: 60 mins

    • 1 wrap-up consultation at week 8: 60 mins

What we need from you 

  • Open mindset

  • Engagement

  • Willingness to learn


Duration: 8 weeks

Team: Guided Retro

What you get

  • Reflect on past experiences identifying what went well and what didn't

  • Collaboratively and safely brainstorming solutions to enhance future performance

  • Enhanced trust, more engagement and innovative thinking

What we do 

  • Preparation:

    • 1:1 meeting with the leader: 30-45 mins to define top topics of the retro

  • Action:​

    • Facilitation of the Retro: 2 hours 

    • 1 recap w/action plan, incl. training plan

    • 1:1 debrief meeting with the leader: 30-45 mins

What we need from you 

  • Open mindset

  • Come fully engaged

Duration: 3.5h for the leader, incl. 2h with the team

Capacity: max. 15 participants

Strategy: Translate Your Vision into Action

What you get

  • Bring your vision to paper & draft your strategy

  • Leverage a second brain to bounce ideas and doubts

  • Identify next steps and drive ownership

What we do

  • Preparation:

    • 1 meeting with the leader: 45-60 mins

  • Action: ​

    • 1 facilitated brainstorming session: 2 hours

    • 1 recap with action plan, incl. training plan

    • 1 debrief meeting with the leader: 45-60 mins to complement: Next steps, Timeline​Owners

What we need from you 

  • Attendance of key stakeholders during the live session

  • Engagement of the leader, role modeling

Duration: 4 hours for the leader, incl. 2h group work

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To keep going


Our Trainings

Empower clarity through intercultural understanding


Servant Leader

In our Servant Leader training, we will cultivate leadership that prioritizes team growth and community well-being. We'll teach active listening, deep empathy, and trust-building, guiding participants to lead by example. Emphasizing self-awareness and personal development, we aim to equip leaders to inspire and elevate their organizations through impactful service.


Team Efficiency Basic

Our Team Efficiency Basic Training is designed to streamline collaboration and maximize team performance. It focuses on essential skills such as effective communication, goal setting, and time management, aiming to enhance productivity and cohesion within teams. Participants will engage in interactive sessions that promote practical problem-solving and decision-making techniques. The training also covers conflict resolution strategies to maintain a positive and collaborative team environment. By the end, participants will have a toolkit for improving efficiency and achieving shared objectives, fostering a culture of success and mutual support in their teams.


Emotional Intelligence

Our Emotional Intelligence training enhances self-awareness and interpersonal skills. Participants will learn to recognize and manage emotions, improving communication and empathy. We'll offer strategies for stress management and constructive feedback response, highlighting emotional intelligence's role in effective leadership. This training aims to deepen understanding of emotional intelligence for personal and professional growth.


Team Efficiency Advanced

Our Advanced Team Efficiency Training focuses on enhancing leadership, fostering innovation, and improving problem-solving within teams. We delve into cross-functional collaboration, emphasizing emotional intelligence and psychological safety to cultivate a high-performance culture. Participants will learn to leverage diversity, streamline processes, and make effective decisions through hands-on workshops and case studies, significantly boosting team efficiency and effectiveness.

To get to know each other


Our joint Workshop

Introducing "The Why & How of Open Conversations at Work" workshop—a transformative experience for cultivating an open and inclusive environment. Gain insights and practical strategies to foster open dialogue, collaboration, and innovation. Bring your curiosity and eagerness to create positive change. Explore the significance of open conversations and their impact on trust and employee engagement. Join us to transform your workplace today!

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