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We help organizations to have open conversations via talks, workshops and consulting

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"We have put a lot of dust under the carpet since we founded the company, we have grown an invisible wall of distrust that prevents constructive conversations.”

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“I am thrilled to have a cofounder but I don’t want their unsolicited input on my topics of expertise.”

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“In our management round, we hustle all the time but we do not plug our brains together to solve for the long term.”

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“My employee does not understand our expectations, I do not want them to leave but I don’t know how to address them anymore.”

Our Topics

What about Tools & Data points?

With over a decade of experience at Google, I have come to understand that tools and data are essential for driving change. I am pleased to partner with The Rising Team to lead workshops, and also utilize science-based surveys such as the Psychological Safety Scan by Amy Edmonson - for which I am a certified practitioner.


Still, I have found that in companies where fear is prevalent, surveys may not always be entirely reliable. I believe that the most effective way to uncover the underlying issues within an organization is through direct engagement with team members, both in group settings and individual conversations.

LAURENCE KOZERA - Founder & Partner

With 15+ years of experience in business, culture, and sports, including roles at Google and the Beijing 2008 Olympics, I excel in building trust and collaboration among diverse stakeholders, particularly founders and senior executives.

As a French native, my passion for facilitating understanding led me to pursue studies in Translation and Interpretation, Language and Civilization, and earn a Master's degree in Intercultural Management. With work experience in China, Germany, Ireland, the UK, and Switzerland, I have honed my ability to navigate diverse public and private environments, ranging from the Beijing Olympics Organizing Committee to Google Global Product Partnerships.

I am driven by a passion for helping people comprehend each other's messages and intentions. Witnessing talent and ideas go to waste due to a lack of supportive organizational structures frustrates me. My core values include authenticity, sincerity, and impact.

If your organization is not currently aligned with these values, I am available for a conversation and to provide assistance.

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I am Arjanna van der Plas, a formerly Silicon Valley-based leadership coach with a background in strategic product design.


Over the past 10 years, I have had the privilege of assisting numerous leaders and teams in overcoming mental barriers and achieving their professional and personal goals.

I hold certifications as a co-active coach from CTI, which is recognized as the largest in-person coach training school globally, as well as from the International Coaching Federation.

Drawing upon my educational foundation in industrial design engineering from TU Delft, I utilize my expertise to devise innovative and creative solutions for my clients' challenges.

To learn more about me, please visit my websites at and


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Laurence is excellent at creating an inclusive work environment and giving everyone equal weight to reach shared goals.

EV, Product Marketing, Paris




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“..Leaders of tomorrow need to be purpose-driven..need to feel comfortable with the level of transparency..need to be able to work in partnership..need to be systemic thinkers to be able to handle this complexity..but above all need to be human beings..”

Paul Polman, CEO Unilever

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