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We optimize your Team's Culture & Structure via workshops and consulting.


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"We have put a lot of dust under the carpet since we founded the company, we have grown an invisible wall of distrust that prevents constructive conversations.”

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"We have great individual talents but they don't create synergies"

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“In our management round, we hustle all the time but we do not plug our brains together to solve for the long term.”

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“My employee does not understand our expectations, I do not want them to leave but I don’t know how to address them anymore.”

Our Topics

What about Tools & Data points?

With over a decade of experience at Google, I have come to understand that tools and data are essential for driving change. I am pleased to partner with The Rising Team to lead workshops, and also utilize science-based surveys such as the Psychological Safety Scan by Amy Edmonson - for which I am a certified practitioner.


Still, I have found that in companies where fear is prevalent, surveys may not always be entirely reliable. I believe that the most effective way to uncover the underlying issues within an organization is through direct engagement with team members, both in group settings and individual conversations.

LAURENCE KOZERA - Founder & Partner

With 15+ years of experience in business, culture, and sports, including roles at Google and the Beijing 2008 Olympics, I excel in building trust and collaboration among diverse stakeholders, particularly founders and senior executives.

As a French native, my passion for facilitating understanding led me to pursue studies in Translation and Interpretation, Language and Civilization, and earn a Master's degree in Intercultural Management. With work experience in China, Germany, Ireland, the UK, and Switzerland, I have honed my ability to navigate diverse public and private environments, ranging from the Beijing Olympics Organizing Committee to Google Global Product Partnerships.

I am driven by a passion for helping people comprehend each other's messages and intentions. Witnessing talent and ideas go to waste due to a lack of supportive organizational structures frustrates me. My core values include authenticity, sincerity, and impact.

If your organization is not currently aligned with these values, I am available for a conversation and to provide assistance.

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I am Arjanna van der Plas, a formerly Silicon Valley-based leadership coach with a background in strategic product design.


Over the past 10 years, I have had the privilege of assisting numerous leaders and teams in overcoming mental barriers and achieving their professional and personal goals.

I hold certifications as a co-active coach from CTI, which is recognized as the largest in-person coach training school globally, as well as from the International Coaching Federation.

Drawing upon my educational foundation in industrial design engineering from TU Delft, I utilize my expertise to devise innovative and creative solutions for my clients' challenges.

To learn more about me, please visit my websites at and


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Laurence is excellent at creating an inclusive work environment and giving everyone equal weight to reach shared goals.

EV, Product Marketing, Paris

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